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What can I do about frequent nighttime urination after surgery??

I had my prostate removed in January. I'm healing very well except that I need to get up frequently during the night to urinate. Sometimes it is three or four times a night, which is worse than before the surgery. I try not to drink anything for a few hours before going to sleep, but still often need to go anyway. Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and thoughts on improving the situation.

  1. Hi , hopefully we'll hear responses from others, but in the meantime wanted to share some articles on this. It mentions not drinking too much liquid before bed, which you're already doing: I'm glad things are going well otherwise, and I hope this will follow suite. - Nina, Team

    1. , adding some responses from the Facebook page:

      "I had a lot of scar tissue and they had to do a "roto rooter" job on me I, like you, am up three to four times a night. The surgeon mentioned another procedure to help with the issue after a year so things could heal up." - John

      "Kevels! I also wear a Depends for when I have an accident... Usually when I'm really tired and don't wake up when I get the urge." - John T

      "Well, so what I would recommend is to cut off all liquids two hours before bedtime, see if that helps? then start doing KEGEL EXERCISES to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, you should see a difference after about a week or so. But continue doing them forever, look it up-Kegels for Men." - Freddie

      "I do 80 to 100 Kegels every day and have been for the last 8 years. They help a lot. I also cut back on liquids but still get up to go 2, sometimes 3 times a night. That's just life now." - John T

      "Kegels and cutting back on liquids after dinner works for me. I notice that if I drink fluids later I'm up twice. Otherwise, usually up once, which is where I was before surgery. Another issue with waking up frequently is that it can be hard to get back to sleep. I don't function well during the day if my mind's been busy during the night. It's physical fatigue multiplied by mental fatigue. Anyone else deal with this problem?" - Will

      "Pelvic floor works wonders fine a dr. Thats works with this it helps e.d. an all other glands .it works" - Ernest

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