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High PSA

My PSA was 3.8 in March of 2023. At my PCP on March 15, 2024 it was 5.5. Tested at urologist on March 25 it was 7.94 was retested yesterday April 3rd and it was 6.79. MY fpsa was 23%. I am almost 66 years old. Should I do another test in a month or should I have an MRI done? I have BPH and am on flomax and had a urolift in 2020. Any help would be appreciated. Thank YOU

  1. Hi thanks for reaching out. I can understand why you are having concerns with your PSA levels. Since we are not medical professionals, I can not advise you on next steps, but would definitely encourage you to ask your doctor this question. In the meantime, I wanted to send you over a couple articles. The first one is about PSA testing: and the benefits of a MRI: I hope this is helpful. Jill, ( team)

    1. I am very suspicious.
      I would move for biopsy as soon as you get the opportunity. You must have biopsy to move to actual treatment as that is the only proof of cancer they will accept to allow you to move forward as i understand it.
      Std biopsy is 12 pins but can sometimes miss striking the cancer. There is also saturation biopsy which i chose and is … well.. ouch. But I didn’t want to play patty cakes.

      1. Oh .. saturation biopsy is one pin per cc of prostate volume. Mine was 40cc at the time.

        1. Here is a good website to compare odds of cure for the major treatment paths. You have to determine your stage, low risk, intermediate, or high risk (risk of recurrence). So if you are intermediate, pull up the intermediate chart and you can see the odds of 10-20 yr survival, etc. based on the treatment you pick.

          It is best viewed on computer or just print it on paper. Not so viewable on phone.

          To make the graphs easier to read, i drew a dot on the endpoints of the elipses, and then drew a line through the dots. This turns the elipses into lines.

          Also be aware the the graphs don’t show any salvage radiation benefit. This would boost the surgery odds up a bit.

          And, this is a very dysfunctional industry from my view. Loads of bad info mixed in with the good info. Same with the docs. Some of them are more dangerous than the cancer.

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