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What Was Your PSA Level When Diagnosed?

Just curious what PSA level you were at when diagnosed. Mine was 85 with Gleason score of 7. Stage T3c. Doc said I had it for some time. I was 55 years old.

Had a few minor symptoms but I chose to ignore them for a while.

  1. I am 71 years old. My PSA was 15.98 Gleason score 8. I have not been staged yet. Six years ago my PSA was 1.92.

    1. Sorry, I did not mention that I had a PET PSMA scan on 04/27/2022. No cancer outside of pelvic area. That test is amazing. It also found that I have gall stones & my heart is borderline enlarged.

    2. That scan is amazing. But for me not so much this time. No evidence of desease. Was hoping to finally see whats causing my PSA to continue to creep up since 2018? Dan Franke, moderator,

  2. Hi Dan
    I am 65 with a PSA of 4.9 and a Gleason score of 3+4. I am having it treated.

    1. Hi Rick glad to hear you are addressing it. It is understandable that right now you most likely are totally focused on upcoming treatment. Whether your choice is surgery or radiation I suggest you try to get involved with an education and support group --- both to share your experiences and pick up some feedback from other men. Things are different after treatment it is helpful to be here on and involved locally if you can. Dennis( TEAM)

    2. Thanks Dennis Appreciate your the feedback you provide to all of us. I have decided to undergo radiation treatment and just now starting the process. Will keep the board posted. Take Care

  3. I was diagnosed at age 70 with a Gleason 9 (contained ) My PSA was 2.5 in January of 2013 at time of diagnosis. It went up to 3.1 at time of surgery in mid April. Given the higher Gleason - a 7 or more I decided on \surgery - no pathology signs of cancer were detected in my margins or in the lymph nodes at the time of surgery

    Five years later a rising PSA indicated the need for external beam Radiation (40 treatments + Lupron) My PSA in 2018 had reached 0.13. Today our MDs here are recommending radiation starting at 0.1 after surgery if PSA is rising vs the older guideline of 0.2.

    So far all is good - fingers crossed and trying not to focus on an unknown future - just taking it a day at a time. Hope that information helps. PSA levels can be high due to things other than cancer - a larger prostate will generate a higher PSA . A PSA of 85 is getting up there - good you are addressing it . Dennis( TEAM)

    1. I read that you had surgery, did you have the prostate removed Deniis? I then read "Five years later a rising PSA" does this mean after the prostate was removed your PSA increased? if so how? I thought the prostate generated the PSA

  4. 56 years old
    PSA 3.11 March 2021
    Biopsy = 3+4
    Surgery July 2021

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