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High risk of prostate cancer

I am 48 years old and I have aggressive prostate cancer (Gleason 9) I had prostatectomy in last year ,The level of PSA 3 month after surgery was 0.17 and after 6 month reach to 0.23 ,The result of pathology shows that right and left of seminal vesicles involved by tumor and my doctor started to description radiotherapy and hormonotherapy. I want to know is there any with this conditions.

  1. In addition there is some type of radiotherapy, and some friends suggested me to use IMRT ,they say IMRT for prostate cancer is better.

    1. Another Gleason 9 here and was diagnosed in 2013. Prostatectomy that same year. PSA after surgery was 0.02. Over the next 5 years my numbers started to slowly rise. At 0.13 I went in for a 6 month Lupron shot an then 40 radiation treatments. I am now 4 years out -- so far my PSA is 0.02. The worst for me was the Lupron as I was one of those who reacted to it - Night sweats, hot flashes, depression and an 30 pound weigh gain. If you are interested I did a video journal on my treatments ... My Personal 8-Week Treatment Videos ... can be found at

      1. Hi Mana126J...Just wanted to follow up to see if you had additional questions in case the videos missed anything or raised additional questions .
        Dennis( TEAM)

        1. Thanks Dennis for your help ,Yesterday I had a PSMAPET/CT scan with this report "the patient is status post prostatectomy with focal PSMA activity at the expected location of Denonvilliers fascia ,suspicious for malignancy /metastatic disease " ,so the doctor prescribe Hormone therapy for tree years , and radiation therapy after 3 month of start of hormone therapy , I want know this treatment is necessary and I worried about side effects .
          thanks again for your reply

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