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How can we communicate best with our doctors?

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk with our doctors. At times we may not feel heard, and other times we might not understand what they are trying to tell us. This is an important communication gap to fill so that our medical treatments are most effective. We welcome you to this forum to discuss how we can communicate better with our doctors.

  1. I like to bring someone with me to an MD appt along with a list of questions. If you believe you are not being listened to it is best to politely speak up and try to clarify where the roadblocks are occurring. It is easy to put your MD's on a pedestal and be concerned that your questions etc may be "too silly" ... best advice is speak up

    1. It is best to speak with other providers and do some research so that the conversation is not something new. Have questions to ask and drill down to how the answers apply to one's unique situation.
      Guy B. Meredith, moderator.

      1. My husband has been blessed with an oncologist who he considers a friend. Not only does the doctor treat him, but they discuss their families, hobbies, what's going on in the world. I think sometimes we put our doctor's on a pedestal and forget they are human. Reaching our on a more personal level has helped my husband and his oncologist establish a great relationship and one of trust. Of course, there are physicians, as we as others, who aren't interested in connecting or giving you a voice and that's a whole different situation.

        1. Knowing what questions to ask can be very helpful and learning what to ask can come from attending a support group having others who have already experienced these issues. Some websites can offer help, but there is nothing better than the real life experiences of others.

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