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How effective is Da Vinci surgery for treating 1st stage prostate cancer?

[56 years old] [Male] [85 kg] [EU]

In terms of choosing which system to use: classical surgeon with his hands or Da Vinci device operated by a surgeon?

What are pros and cons of each when it comes to treating 1st stage prostate cancer?

Also, are there any other ways of treating 1st stage prostate cancer, maybe changes in lifestyle or diet that would at least reduce the risk of metastasis until the date of surgery?

Maybe certain lifestyle changes can lead to a more favourable surgery result?

Thank you.

  1. The DaVinci robot is simply a tool. In the hands of a expert it can be effective. In the hands of a less experienced MD not so much so. Personally I suggest you find a urologist who has done many surgeries Some MD's say they can see more with the robot camera others say they prefer open surgery . Recovery from Robotic is much faster. A lot depends on MD experience and the patient's condition when considering surgery. There appears to be some "evidence" that a diet high in fish and vegetables may be helpful. The incidents of prostate cancer in Asian countries is lower than in counties who support the Western diet. Hormone therapy (which I had) is often used to slow down and weaken aggressive prostate cancer prior to treatment. Personally I had robotic surgery in 2013 with an MD who done over 2,000 ... I had a Gleason 9 score and a PSA of 3 . All pathology suggested my cancer was contained. My prostate cancer came back in 2018 and i underwent 40 Radiation treatments - So far my PSA is 0.02 and doing well. I hope this info helps Dennis( TEAM)

    1. Yes from the States and I do not know how you would find in EU - Have you considered the US - Memorial Sloan Kettering, Hartford Hospital and Mass General - Covers from NYC to Boston. Recovery from DaVinci is quite fast - I was walking after surgery and within 2 days was walking outside my home

    2. Thank you. How do I know if surgery is the right answer? PSA is 7 right now and in 6 cores out of 12 biopsy there is cancer. 3 Gleason 6, two 3+4=7, one 4+3=7 (most dangerous one).

      There is also offer for cyberknife radiation treatment, have you heard about it?

      And what have you found to be effective in terms of specific diets against cancer? Maybe extreme fasting to "starve cancer"?

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