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Incontinence and bladder issues

A place to discuss problems with incontinence and bladder function.

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  1. I had robotic prostate surgery on 11/28. I am 69 years old and have never ever had a problem with incontinence. Now, I can not tell when I am urinating until I feel the warmth of the urine on the maximum shield and pad I wear. Is this common?

    1. Hi , it sounds like you're pretty fresh out of surgery. We've heard from a lot of members having various kinds of incontinence following surgery, but I can't speak to how many have this problem of not being warned by their body that they need to urinate. This article talks about some different kinds of incontinence and what they feel like: This one talks about some types of treatments: Do you feel comfortable bringing this up with your doctor, or requesting a specialist for physical rehab?

      Recovery can take a long time, and a lot of members have mentioned that exercises like Kegels and other training can help. Actually, we just had a comment on this article talking about a routine: However, it's a good idea to make sure you're doing the right exercise for your particular situation! Let us know if you end up speaking with your doc and what they recommend. - Nina, Team

  2. Hi , I had my surgery in April 2018 and I too was 69 at the time. My experience was that I leaked, which I couldn't really feel when it was happening, but I was always able to find a bathroom before urinating freely. I think you'll see steady improvement over the next couple of months so that you can rely mostly on a lightweight shield during the day and nothing at night. Just past nine months, I'm now at the point where I can go for periods of time with no protection at all, usually around the house when I'm not too active. You might want to read my last three articles on Each of them deals with incontinence specifically, as does an earlier article, Depending on Depends. Will Jones Advocate Moderator

    1. I had 5 weeks of radiation and 2 boosters for a cancer in a lymph node near the rectum.Had severe diarrhea for over 2 months,lost 27 lbs unto anti diarriah pills prescribed. Doctors state the radiation spray caused like a severe sunburn near the rectum.anyone else experiencing this and any suggestions on to help heal this

      1. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011, gleasons 5+4, and had surgery. Cancer had escaped to the bladder and was positive for local lymphnodes. Radiation and Lupton followed. 3 years later, PSA rise and found positive for lymph nodes distal into my mid back and neck area. Continued on Lupton and then Xtandi. As I had been having significant bladder control issues I was placed into therapy to help control. While it lessened for a while and I continued my exercises, it became worse over time requiring 2-3 pads a day. I have had countless leakage accidents and was offered both a mechanical device and surgery for a valve. I tried the mechanical device but it was uncomfortable. I do not wish to have surgery for the valve. I have learned to live with it and carry pads, have them in my car and take a Lot when away from home. I still do the keegles. I have no pain nor problem with urinating. As this problem is just one of many associated with my disease, I chose to attend to the more major problems such as I now appear to be hormone resistant with PSAs doubling every 3 mos and now every month, last PSA at 8.5. I suppose the only good thing about the hormone resistance is that I don't have the many and annoying hot flashes...and my testicles seem to be back to normal size. I still don't have a libido, though the surgery was significant and not much nerve sparing so that does work anyway. I was 56 when diagnosed. Thus the bladder problems are less "an issue" for me than other problems, including now porous and aching bones and facing choices for new medications to replace the hormone therapy. It's all relative I suppose.

        1. Hi , I recently caught a post from a member asking about Xtandi. If you have a few minutes, you're welcome to respond to him on his status update here: I appreciate any insight you can provide! - Nina, Team

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