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Male Sling after Prostatectomy Incontinence

Please only comment if you have had the male sling to fix incontinence after prostatectomy?

I am trying to create a post for future use. I have used the search and come up with too many post that mention the words, but no actual people's stories.

How long you waited?

How much you were leaking?

How successful was the male sling surgery?
Would you do it again?

I have been through Pelvic Floor physical therapy. I am 10 months post prostatectomy and leaking about 20 ounces on average per day (only 1 ounce at night). My urologist is ready to scheduled and I am eager to have the male sling operation.
Thank you,

  1. We have a few guys in our support group who have had the sling placed and are very positive - If there is a way to connect I can have one of more speak directly with you
    Dennis( TEAM)

    1. I would also be interested in responses to Terry's questions as I'm considering the sling as well, or even AUS. I don't see much on the forum on this, probably because it is a more rare procedure.

  2. Dennis - I just sent you a private message with my contact information.

    1. Enjoyed our phone chat - keep in touch as you can

    2. Terry- Did you have the sling procedure done? If so, how has it one? I'm considering this or even AUS. Thanks!

  3. My update July 13, 2022 - 10 months after the sling surgery and 22 months after RARP.

    Would I do the sling again - YES.

    If one is considering the degree of bodily invasiveness - the sling and AUS are only slightly different. The sling does require a very strict adherence to not lifting over 10 pounds for 6 weeks as tissue grows around the sling to keep it in place. I took generic (OTC) Miralax in my morning coffee for 2 weeks then a half dose for 4 more weeks. I took docusate sodium (Colace) OTC stool softener.

    Where I was - I had urodynamic test and cystoscopy at 10 months (July 2021) after RARP in Sept 2020. I was leaking 16 ounces a day (on average) determined by weighing pads and subtracting dry weight. I measure in grams which is one milliliter. I wrote information is a spiral notebook then entered daily totals in a spreadsheet to give me a running 7 day average.

    Where I am now - I leak about 7 grams ( a quarter of an ounce) a NIGHT - side sleeper. I have migraines - if I take headache medicine near bedtime, I can 8 to 10 ounces - mainly because I get relief from the headache and do not wake up to go pee. I get up to pee twice per night.

    My unusual initial problems. It is very very rare that someone has to self-catheterize. I recommend that you have several catheters so you don't have to go to the emergency room. I highly recommend the Red Rubber catheters.

    My sling worked really well. I was not able to pee the next day before being discharged from the hospital so a catheter was reinserted. I was not able to pee at the doctors office a week later - so larger (18 fr) catheter was inserted. At 2 week doctor's office follow-up, I was able to pee a some. I was shown how to self-catheterize. Since I had a Foley catheter for 2 weeks, the path was clear and open.

    I self-catheterize for about 8 weeks.
    Weeks after procedure
    3-4 - 4 times a day
    5-6 - 2 times per day - morning and bedtime
    7-8 - 1 time per day at bedtime
    For another several weeks, I catheterized a couple times per week to verify little bladder retention.

    I stand to pee to allow better flow.

    1. Thank you so much for the complete response. Much appreciated. I've never actually measured the amount I leak during the day and night. I do know during the day it is directly related to my activity level. If I think of it I will wear a penile clamp when mowing the lawn, lifting, or doing other more strenuous activities. I am more than 2 years post surgery and have never been dry. It is much better, but, even after lots of PT I just can't seem to get things sealed off enough to stop leaking. The self-catheterization does not sound fun at all, but it also sounds like you got through it and were satisfied with the procedure. I'm having a cystoscopy done August 1st to see if there was any unusual scarring contributing to the propblem. A week later I will be seeing a reconstructive surgery urologist to presumably discuss my options. I'm not crazy about additional surgery, but I'm also not crazy about leaking, changing pads, etc. I'm 67 and hopefully have a lot of years still ahead, so may want to get this taken care of.

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