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Mental Health Support

Mental health complications can occur during the difficult journey of coping with and treating prostate cancer. Support for mental health can come in many forms and is often individualized.

This is a space for you to share personal experiences with mental health support, in all the different ways you have found support.

  1. When you are first diagnosed the whole focus tends to be on treatment. While some men opt to brave it out with no treatment the mental impact of a Prostate Cancer (PCa) diagnosis weighs on your mind. T he best approach I have found is to speak up here or in an education groups with other men. Men who undergo treatment appear to be mentally impacted 1 year later (for surgery) and 3 years later (radiation) when the many physical impacts take hold.

    PTSD is very real after a diagnosis and more so after treatment - this is no time for macho and to be riding off into the sunset - My advice is get connected and speak up and with other men who have walked the path ahead of you.

    1. I maintained good mental health by telling safe people I had prostate cancer (I connected with several survivors), by telling my wife the crazy thoughts I was having (she was incredibly supportive), by getting into therapy (my therapist has helped me sort out many issues), and by focusing on the process rather than on the end result (I am doing what I can).

      1. Thank you so much for sharing, . It's great to hear that you have a network of support for your mental health. That's something to celebrate and I'm happy to hear you're supported. -Samuel, Team Member

      2. I think your plan for maintaining good mental health is a great direction to follow. My daughter is fighting breast cancer, and she works toward remaining mentally healthy by doing as you said - sharing with those who are trusted and care, participating in therapy (her therapist works only with breast cancer patents which is especially helpful, and focusing on today. Looking too far out in the future is overwhelming, but looking at what can I do today is manageable.

    2. Anxiety is the fear of the future, which NEVER happens the way you envision. Let events unfold naturally, deal with them play-by-play. Don't fight fear. Acknowledge it and let it pass through you to allow clarity and peace. Options abound these days!

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