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When should we first start getting our PSA tested?

There's a lot of thoughts about when men should start getting their PSA tested. Share your thoughts with the community here.

  1. I would have at 40 but Doctors said 50 . Had mine checked at 50 psa was at 6.5 . That's when the journey started . Many Biopsies then Wait and Watch .... Then Radiation , radical prostatectomy , Had to be reamed out many time from when the urethra was sewn back to my Bladder . Radiation effects caused a Hole between my Bladder and Anus . Surgery to take out Bladder and Rectum and as long as I was there had my Nuts taken out . So now I have two stoma's . Colostomy and Urostomy . Was on Casidex and Bicalutamide . PSA was almost non - detectable for 7 years . Now in the last two six month checkups PSA has doubled . Still living the life after 21 years

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