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When should we first start getting our PSA tested?

There's a lot of thoughts about when men should start getting their PSA tested. Share your thoughts with the community here.

  1. I would have at 40 but Doctors said 50 . Had mine checked at 50 psa was at 6.5 . That's when the journey started . Many Biopsies then Wait and Watch .... Then Radiation , radical prostatectomy , Had to be reamed out many time from when the urethra was sewn back to my Bladder . Radiation effects caused a Hole between my Bladder and Anus . Surgery to take out Bladder and Rectum and as long as I was there had my Nuts taken out . So now I have two stoma's . Colostomy and Urostomy . Was on Casidex and Bicalutamide . PSA was almost non - detectable for 7 years . Now in the last two six month checkups PSA has doubled . Still living the life after 21 years

    1. In my view PSA testing should start in the 30s at the latest. I see men with metastatic cancer in their 40s and that is unacceptable.
      Guy B. Meredith, moderator and cancer survivor.

      1. it depends on a # of things, family , racial , ancestral history. If you have any of these factors in your heritage, screening should start in your late 30's, earlier if there are definite concerns in these realms of items, if not in your 40's

        1. when the PCP suggests it

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