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NHS delays in treatment for non-Covid patients

Every time I see a sign or poster – and there are some very imaginative ones around – showing support or appreciation for the NHS and their part in enabling us in this nation to face Covid 19 I raise a cheer. Out loud or silently inside.

The experts are all saying that there's a 3rd wave coming. NHS staff brace themselves...and the warnings come that as medics are faced with the immediate task of saving lives in ICUs, other treatments are bound to be delayed or postponed indefinitely. Including treatments for patients with prostate cancer where delay could have serious consequences regarding life-expectancy and well-being.

So I'm doing this update now on my Gleason 7 diagnosis journey, as it may be helpful to someone prevented from receiving the treatment they have been told they need.

Following a Gleason 7 diagnosis in June 2018, as well as Prostap injections I took on a combination of spirituality and diet .

After the 3rd Prostap jab there came a time Feb/Mar 2019 when I believed that I didn't need any more medical treatment. I wasn't having any bad side effects, but I could feel that the spiritual part of my healing was growing greater, so after discussion with the oncologist I went on to “3 monthly PSAs and see what happens”.

2 years later my PSA is 1.9 and I'm very grateful. To the NHS and all those who have supported me, encouraged me and prayed for me. And to God – all those people, and the NHS were all in it with Him.

Coming up for my 75th time round the Sun and I'm so glad to be so well.

I've relaxed a lot on the diet. Still no red or processed meat, very few eggs, way less dairy than before. More “alcohol-free days” - when my body says "no" I don't drink alcohol. Foraging from the sea – shellfish, sea beet, sea purslane. Plenty of green tea, coffee and black chocolate. Fasting when I want to.

Dropped the fitness programme, but most days running and cold-water swimming.

If you're on a long waiting list for treatment...

Each of us has got his own journey...and I'm no medical specialist. But if you've read this far and can't get the treatments I'll say by way of encouragement:

- Why shouldn't something like this work for you? It's working for a Kiwi friend of mine too. Check out what's on the web, decide what's carp (usually costs) and walk away. Decide what's halfway sensible and go with it as far as it feels right. You know your body like no-one else can.
- If you know a church or people who believe in Divine healing and see healing miracles when they pray for people, go and check them out. You don't have to believe in God...let them do the believing.

- If you do believe in God, then you know what to do. You and Him will probably get a whole lot closer on this journey.
- Live loved. Live loving. Love living.
Thanks for reading this far - hope it has been helpful.

  1. Love the comments about prayer - had lots said for me - so far so good there must have been a lot of believers

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