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Pain After Prostatectomy

I had RP 2 months ago. The surgery was very successful. Not much pain for the first 2 weeks. After that, I can feel the pain around the area of the groin, the buttock, and the anal area. Laying down is no problem. However, after walking for 10 minutes I can feel the pain. It started to ease off recently and I can walk as far as I can. The only problem is when sitting down. Does anybody have a similar experience?

  1. Well I had some issues sitting down as well - during surgery a lot of things are going on and your butt takes a beating - you may want to think about taking 15 min hot sit baths and ask your urologist if you can use something to relieve Hemorrhoid issues. In my case it lasted a while and then went away - Dennis ( TEAM)

    1. Thanks Dennis: Hot sit bath is really a relieve.I had for about a week and the pain started to subside. I used hemorrhoid cream but did not work.

      1. Chat with your MD on the hemorrhoid creams - I found several that were great - but can not recommend here for obvious reasons. Glad to hear all is well now Dennis( TEAM)

    2. Thanks so much. How long did your pain last?

      1. I had very little pain at the surgery site. No need take pain drugs. My issues with hemorrhoids lasted for almost 3 months. With the first 2 being the worst. Then slowly things began to get better for me. Dennis( TEAM)

    3. Your pain may not be the same as mine. I don't have haemorrhoids. The pain is on and off for 2 months now but slowly getting better

      1. Hi, ,

        Two months can feel like an eternity when you're in pain and don't know why you're experiencing it. We appreciate you sharing your experience here and are glad to hear you are slowly getting better. What has your doctor recommended? I wonder if physical therapy would be appropriate for you.

        I wanted to share a couple of articles and resources that might be helpful:

        We hope your body will continue to heal with a bit more time, and you will no longer experience this pain.

        Amylyn (Community Manager)

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