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Pains and tissue damage from radiation a few years after treatment

In 2016 I had my prostate removed, recovered, and was good for a year. The PSA started going up and the located cancer in the nearby lymph nodes. I had radiation treatment along with hormone therapy. Immediately I had bladder and colon problems. The bladder cleared up yet the colon damage does not seem to be changing. Daily fiber helps alleviate the problem.

In 2019 I started having frequent pains in my right testicle and upper right buttock. A ultrasound of the groin showed stenosis of the right side spermatic cord. Several steroids shots and nerve block help but did not correct the problem. Early in 2021 I had surgery to sever the nerve in the hopes a eliminating the pain. Also, the pains have begun to evolve across the back of the buttock, lower back, and pelvic floor. It now becomes painful prior to full bladder or colon. Bowel movements and urinating are becoming painful but provide relief.

I wake each morning feeling fine. By 10 am I'm suffering, if I recline I may feel better. So, it appears that movement is making things painful.

Has anyone had any experience with this? I don't find much online and my doctors are stumped.

I appreciate any help you can provide.

  1. Radiation can impact more than the specific area of treatment -- the actual beams pass through your body and do not stop at the target. In sharp contrast the newer Proton beams do stop at the target.
    It sounds like you issue could be related to radiation pass through. You will want to ask your radiation folks about that.
    After my 40 radiation treatments I need to include more fiber in my diet and also need to drink up to 75 ounces of water daily to keep things moving.
    Standing vs laying down can put a lot of stress on your bladder. We have a few guys in our support group who are doing better after undergoing a surgical procedure to relieve pressure from standing.
    Given your circumstances you may want to consider seeking another level of medical knowledge/expertise - such as a major cancer treatment center.
    While the internet can offer a lot of information (good and bad) it may not be the best resource at this time. ... Dennis( Team)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I'm working with the doctors at the siteman center in St. Louis. This was my last strategy to reach out since this is beyond them.

  2. , My father had semilar symtoms. I spoke to his doctor who said for him to drink more water. He is 87 now and doesn't complain about this anymore. He had his yearly check-up a couple of months ago and the doctor said he was doing great. My father is also very active and eats all the right stuff. He just stop working at the age of 83. I hope you get some relief from this soon. Diane, Community Moderator

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write and tell me about your father. Glad it resolved for him

      1. As they say - hang in there 😀

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