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Pending diagnosis

I’ve had chronic prostate issues worsening for 10 years and just got prostate MRI results back with PI-RAD 4 likely clinically significant prostate cancer. I’ve been in chronic pain for years with ED worsening to the current point where meds don’t work and a relationship would be impossible. Prostate volume is 53. PSA 4.7 from 3.7 3 months prior.

I guess my question is do surgical procedures relived the pain? It seems either the prostate size and / or pain and inflammation prevents blood from getting to my penis especially when flaccid - like a deflated balloon.

With surgery or treatment does this pain resolve and will blood eventually return to the penis to have any semblance or normal. I’ve had to use ED meds for the last 5 years for any hope of sexual activity so I’m resolved to that. Do ED meds work after a surgical procedure or will I not have any ability? I’m just trying to learn as much about how this will affect potential for a relationship. I’m 60 and single so it seems at this point the odds are against me since. Any tips or advice is appreciated.

  1. Hi I am glad you reached out and you are being an advocate for yourself. While I hope our community members respond here with their personal experiences with this, I am going to send you some information that I hope is helpful. Here is an article with surgical options: Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction is common after most treatment options, here is an article with more information on that: Here is information about how to help with ED: There is a lot of information in these articles. I would definitely recommend you speaking with your doctor about your concerns as well, if you haven't done so already. I hope this information was helpful. Jill, team

    1. - One of my articles was just posted here and may be very helpful ... "Deciding on a Treatment, Without All the Answers."

      We are unique individuals and this disease can impact us very differently and may require different treatment options.

      The key right now I believe is to find and work with a top urology team experienced in each of your areas of concern. Please keep up posted. Dennis( TEAM)

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