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Post robotic prostatectomy side effects

Good morning and thank you all in advance for your time. I had a robotic prostatectomy 2 weeks ago. No complications. Upon catheter removal (7 days) I suddenly find a scrotal swelling to the size of a lemon. No pain but duck walking is afforded here.

My question if this typical how long until the edema dissipates. Thank you again for any help offered.

  1. This typically happens to men who have a lot of lymph nodes removed. Yes it will go down in a few days again we are all different . Some men swell to the size of a grapefruit. A bit scary ! Best bet apparently is keep "things" elevated much as possible and use cold compresses. The medical team here suggests patients the use of a bag of frozen peas. And no not kidding - guys say it really works Dennis( TEAM)

    1. Thank you Dennis. Much appreciated.

      1. You are welcome. I wish more hospitals ran a pre-op seminar. The one tdone here is done lasts an hour+ and is done either in person (before COVID) or on a ZOOM type of call. Every aspect of the upcoming surgery is covered along with sections on what to expect after surgery, JP drains, pain levels, catheter care/ removal and more. Also included in the presentation are leakage issues, penile recovery, sex after surgery and a discussion on the psychological implications.

        The men and their partners are also invited to explore monthly education/support meetings . At each pre-op we have at least 2 men who discuss their personal experiences with treatment and will answer ANY questions someone may have. The program has been highly successful and is helpful to both patient and partner. If interested anyone can attend the Ed/Support meetings on line.

        ... Dennis ( TEAM)

    2. Hi . I just wanted to follow up on what said. This copy of prostatectomy discharge papers from Johns Hopkins notes that "It is very common to have swelling and discoloration of the scrotum
      and the penile skin after radical prostatectomy. This is simply fluid that has not been
      reabsorbed. It is not harmful. If the scrotum is swollen, put a rolled hand towel
      underneath the scrotum to elevate it when lying down:" A similar document from U. Cal. San Francisco even mentions the frozen peas. Hope you get some relief soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

      1. Richard, thank you for taking the time respond to my query. Still sitting on a very large lemon like scrotal condition. With additional ice and patent frozen chemical packs I feel oka

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