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Pot for pain after Prostatectomy

Short answer, It Works!
A friend, who gave me my ride home from surgery, gave me a little cannabis. I had heard that it could be used for pain, but I never believed it. Have grown up in the 70s, I am no stranger to it, but I always thought that the talk of using it for pain was just to push for legalization. After my first night home, 2nd day after surgery, I was in a lot of pain and watching the clock to get to my next 4 hour oxy dose. I had fallen asleep mid after noon (side affect) and woke up 5 hours after my last pill and I was really hurting. Not liking the side effects of the oxy and worried about constipation, I gave it a try. To my total surprise it worked better than the narcotics. I could tell the pain was still there but I could just ignore it and had no need for the oxy. I did take it for a few more nights because it helped me sleep through the night, but that was it.

  1. Hi there. We are so glad to hear you found relief after your prostectomy. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. How long ago did you have surgery? How are you doing now? All the best, Amylyn (Community manager)

  2. I have been using some legal (here in CT) cannabis drops for sleeping at night - all I can say is it appears to be working - snooze like a baby.
    I also used the drops when i was being treated for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma - same thing slept well and no issues with blockages 😀 Dennis (prostate Team)

    1. I know as i needed to take Oxy after prior to and after a surgical procedure - Really needed to drink a lot of water ( as in 95+ ounces daily ) plus fiber and waking to keep things moving along. Not fun

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