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Prostate cancer in lymph node??


My dad just completed radiation on June 8th for Prostate cancer stage iiia. In February he had full body scan and CT and it showed no spread. They still treated his lymph nodes during radiation out of precaution.

He's been having terrible low back and groin pain that's been getting worse. He also pulled a muscle in his back and had a noticeable lump from carrying something too heavy.

The pain has got worse and worse and we ended up in the ER. The Dr worried his cancer had metastasized. They did CT and ultrasound and its clear and no other masses were found. But they still can't figure out what this mass is. They said it's either a hematoma or a cancer mass ๐Ÿ™„

I'm so anxious. We have been going through a bunch of health issues and scares with him. He is getting the biopsy today and we have to wait for results for awhile.

I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this or not? If you had cancer in your lymph nodes how did you find out?

  1. A PSMA-PET scan can pick up tracer-avid lymph nodes.

    1. Hi, I just got my results back from my prostate biopsy in May 1st. They I have cancer, they did mri, and ct scan. They found something in my #4 vertebrae, there doing another CT scan on July 6. I do have cancer my lymph nodes, that's all I know so far. At the VA HOSPITAL I KEEP GETTING THESE NURSES DIFFERENT ONES EACH TIME. I HAVEN'T HAD A CONVERSATION WITH A REAL DOCTOR OR SPECIALIST OF ANY SORT. I FEEL LIKE A FOREIGNER BEGGING FOR 3rd world medical care.

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