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Recently had a PSA test and my number was 30.4. Does anyone have a PSA this high?

  1. Hi, . Thanks for reaching out to us here. While you wait for other community members to jump into the conversation to share their experience, I thought I'd share a few resources you might find helpful.

    Here is a general article explaining the PSA test: This article was written by one of our advocates, Gogs, who further explains the PSA test's shortcomings:

    On another note, we have seen other men in this community have PSA levels in that same range. You are not alone. Have you checked with your doctor for additional testing? We will always advise you to follow up with your doctors to figure out the next best step to pinpoint what is contributing to the elevated PSA level. Let us know; we will be curious to hear an update.

    All the best,
    Amylyn, Community manager

    1. Thank you Amylyn.I have been diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer.I received 2shots of Firmagon 120mg ea.I am scheduled to meet with a surgeon and a oncologist in the next few days.I guess my battle is just beginning.

      1. Thank You

      2. All of this stuff is scary ... At the same time a lot can be done to slow it down + prostate cancer it is a slow growing. I have found it easier to handle when i look at it as a treatable disease like so many others - high blood pressure or diabetes etc. Not fun but you can live with this for a long time

    2. Thank you Dennis!I must say it is quite scary but I will give it my all!

      1. - As Dennis said; give it your all. My father went though this about 15 years ago. He is now 87 and going strong. It was not an easy road to travel, but he made it. It is a scary time. I lost count of the countless doctor appointments and going to treatment centers. Never give up; there are great days ahead. Diane, Community Moderator

    3. Thank you Diane.It was very encouraging to hear.

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