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PSA continues to rise

I had a prostectomy in 2014, radiation in 2016 because of an increase in psa. In the last 2 years my psa has been increasing again, my doctor ordered a pet scan, which didn’t indicate any sign of cancer in my body. He is baffled why I have an increase in psa, when I don’t have a prostate. Has any else reported this problem?

  1. Story of my life. Diagnosesd in 2008. Have had a few relapses after surgery-can find no mets. PSA has been steady rising since 2018. Just did a PSMA-no evidence of disease. Doc just says to small to see. Just keep a look out with PSA monitoring and yearly scans. DanFranke, moderator,

    1. Hi Richard,

      Very frustrating, my PSMA at .6 showed nothing - I know that is good in some respects but really want to find that target. My doctor said my cells just don't express a lot of PSMA so we will wait and try again at a higher level.


    2. Same for me Doug. Been in holiding for sweveral years now with PSA creep. But no treatment since 2015 on the bright side. DanFranke, teammember,

  2. I am tested every six months, with small increases, still a small number, he will keep watching.

    1. This statement, "He is baffled why I have an increase in psa" clearly indicates you need a new Urologist. PSA is produced by Prostate Cancer Cells which technically can grow anywhere in your body. I am equally as baffled your doctor isn't aware of this. Although most commonly the cancer will first move to your pelvic lymph nodes and then eventually to your bones. You need an expert Radiation Oncologist. If I were you I'd find the nearest center that offers Viewray MRIdian MRI Guided SBRT. The Radiation Oncologist should also order a PSMA PET Scan to see if there is any detectable tumors to target.

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