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PSA testing, what are your feelings about it?

Here in the community, there are many thoughts, feelings, and experiences about PSA testing.

This is a space to share about all things PSA testing.

  1. PSA testing is basically a simple blood test and can easily be included as part of annual physical exam with or without the "dreaded" digital exam. I would tell any man to insist on a PSA test even if his MD says "you do not need one" because the test is not 100% accurate etc. While PSA testing is not a test for cancer it can offer some guidance for future action.

    Additionally I suggest to always keep a written history of your psa tests. If you see an increase in numbers over a few tests it may be a good idea to connect with a urologist vs staying with a GP. I did that a few months ago and candidly that early warning paid off for me. Dennis ( TEAM)

    1. PSA tests aren’t wrong/misleading (unless there’s a lab error). Many people have simply misunderstood its purpose.

      For initial diagnosis, a PSA test isn’t a “cancer test.” The PSA number itself is similar to a “check engine” light in your car; it indicates that something may be wrong, and further checks should be made “under the hood.” Might be as simple as a UTI; might be BPH; might be more serious. (Or the man might have engaged in an activity causing a temporary rise in PSA. Many things can affect PSA, which is why it’s important to be sure that your PSA is as accurate as possible.)

      Just need to have further checks. No need to panic, or rush to a quick treatment decision, or get overly concerned. With early and annual screening, if there is an elevated PSA, other tests and numbers should also play a role in deciding on additional treatment.

      1. thanks for joining the conversation. I like your analogy of a check engine light. We appreciate you bringing your insight to our community. Jill, ( team)

    2. I had an 8.6 the prior year. At my wellness exam, the doctor told me "we do not do PSA at your age". I finally took myself to urology. PSA 16.3 and 21 of 23 biopsies bad. Radiation; chemical castration. Alive but no longer a 'man'.

      1. Stupid primary care.

      2. Which is why I changed doctors immediately.

    3. If it was up to me, I'd have PSA testing for men start at 40.

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