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What Was Your PSA Level When Diagnosed?

Just curious what PSA level you were at when diagnosed. Mine was 85 with Gleason score of 7. Stage T3c. Doc said I had it for some time. I was 55 years old.

Had a few minor symptoms but I chose to ignore them for a while.

  1. I am 71 years old. My PSA was 15.98 Gleason score 8. I have not been staged yet. Six years ago my PSA was 1.92.

    1. did you check if you are PSMA positive??? That could be a reason it did not show. There are other ways to check then.

    2. hi Rob, i was tested for PC after a routine blood test gave PSA of 5 in Oct 2022. In Nov 2023 my PSA was still 5 and i await a blood test in May 24 My gleeson score is 6. I remain on AS and my consultant says i shouldn't worry too much.

  2. Hi Dan
    I am 65 with a PSA of 4.9 and a Gleason score of 3+4. I am having it treated.

    1. Glad to offer some personal experience - I did a video journal on my radiaton treatment - it can be found at . Good luck

    2. hi Rick, is this your personal choice instead of being on AS?

  3. I was diagnosed at age 70 with a Gleason 9 (contained ) My PSA was 2.5 in January of 2013 at time of diagnosis. It went up to 3.1 at time of surgery in mid April. Given the higher Gleason - a 7 or more I decided on \surgery - no pathology signs of cancer were detected in my margins or in the lymph nodes at the time of surgery

    Five years later a rising PSA indicated the need for external beam Radiation (40 treatments + Lupron) My PSA in 2018 had reached 0.13. Today our MDs here are recommending radiation starting at 0.1 after surgery if PSA is rising vs the older guideline of 0.2.

    So far all is good - fingers crossed and trying not to focus on an unknown future - just taking it a day at a time. Hope that information helps. PSA levels can be high due to things other than cancer - a larger prostate will generate a higher PSA . A PSA of 85 is getting up there - good you are addressing it . Dennis( TEAM)

    1. I read that you had surgery, did you have the prostate removed Deniis? I then read "Five years later a rising PSA" does this mean after the prostate was removed your PSA increased? if so how? I thought the prostate generated the PSA

    2. While PSA is produced by the prostate it can also be generated by Prostate Cancer cells that escaped the original treatment and either remain in the prostate bed or migrated to another part of your body. Dennis( TEAM)

  4. 56 years old
    PSA 3.11 March 2021
    Biopsy = 3+4
    Surgery July 2021

    1. This is my story--
      This was 2021-------

      So my life:

      Yearly exam Blood test showed elevated PSA 3.15, February 2021 Second Blood test confirmed elevated PSA 3.05 March 2021

      Primary Care Physician said to wait 12 months not to worry, I said NO, let’s escalate it.

      PCP referred me to urologist
      April 2021
      Urologist said your probably fine, we can do a Ultrasound or a biopsy if you want ?

      I said “ ultrasound “

      Ultrasound came back showing abnormalities April 26

      Urologist order Biopsy
      April 30

      Biopsy POSITIVE for carcinoma
      Stage 2–Gleason 7
      to be updated by any further findings —

      Then the following tests were ordered

      Abdominal and Pelvic MRI
      Jun 4th

      Whole Body Scan
      Jun 15

      Hearing Test
      Jun 16
      Hearing is level is fine

      Prostate MRI
      Jun 28

      Brain MRI
      Jun 28

      After all the tests were completed —decision time — had an appointment with urologist / surgeon on July 1 this meeting is to decide if any of the following would help:

      1) Do nothing
      2) Radiation
      3) HiFu
      4) Surgery
      5) Hormone Therapy
      6) Combination of anything above
      7) Palliative Care

      We decided on surgery

      Meet with robotic surgery July 2nd,

      Had surgery July 22nd.

      Pathology report indicates confined to prostate

      Nerve damage, they clamped nerve bundle by accident, had to burn off permanent clamp no movement inward of right leg, expected to heal 3-6 months
      Update 2023
      No PSA detectable
      Leg is still an issue, however movement is good strength is 50%
      Other that that the surgery was and still is very intense mentally, side-effects not terrible however not like before

      I thought I would share, if you have questions let me know

    2. I was 3.9 with Gleason 3 + 4

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