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Radiation treatment on the horizon

Having previously opted for surgical treatment of my prostate cancer, I have reversed course and decided to undergo radiation therapy instead. Neither choice is fun to contemplate but I have become more comfortable with the radiation since the incidence of post-treatment side effects seems less. EBRT followed by HDR is the prescribed treatment regimen according to my radiology oncologist. The MRI of my lesions shows the potential of some cancer extending beyond the boundary of my prostate, so the radiation will target a sphere a bit larger than the prostate itself in an attempt to address the cells outside the capsule. 5 days a week of 6 weeks is going to wear thin as weeks pass but others have done it and I can too. I'll publish my thoughts as this treatment begins and until it is all over.

  1. If you opt for radiation tall to your radiologist about Spaceoar. It minimizes damage to neighboring organs.

    1. Hi . Just to follow up on what said, this page from MD Anderson on proton therapy for breast cancer notes that "Proton therapy is a unique type of radiation treatment that can precisely target and deliver high radiation doses to a tumor to kill cancerous cells. Proton therapy may be especially beneficial for breast cancer patients by minimizing damage to nearby tissue and critical organs such as the heart and lungs:",as%20the%20heart%20and%20lungs. Hope this helps. Best to you, your daughter, and the whole family. Richard ( Team)

    2. Thank you so much for the information about this specialized type of radiation. I will definitely share it with my daughter. Yesterday was her last chemo treatment and we celebrate that.

  2. You are so right. I believe it also opens the possibility of subsequent surgery if the radiation does not work. Thanks for the reminder, I will check this out on my next visit.

    1. Good luck. I am having the SpaceOAR implanted next week and like you radiation treatments 5 days a week for 6 weeks. 28 total....

      1. Had the SpaceOAR and markers done at Mass General today. Went pretty smoothly, felt it was a little less intrusive than the prostate biopsy itself. I have the "trial run" this Friday and the actual treatments are slated to start 7/5/22 which is a nice reprieve for being able to party the 4th.

        Why are they using a catheter ??

      2. I have had 28 ERT sessions and will do my last Chemo shot next month-than the watchful waiting begins. Worst side affects from the Chemo shots is sweating and lack of energy.

    2. I think you will be pleased with the radiation protocol - For me the treatment did stop future cell development . I underwent 40 treatments over 8 weeks - so nice you are catching a break with a 6 week treatment plan.

      If you are undergoing hormone therapy my free advice and worth every penny is --- watch you diet very carefully when you are on this therapy. You can put on significant weight VERY easily and it is VERY difficult to get off when in treatment. I went from 170 lbs to 199 lbs in weeks. Good luck --- you will get through this

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