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Second opinion for MRI results

Hi.My name is Tiberiu and I am from Romania. I am a little bit worried, so I would like to know your opinions about my MRI results, please!
I am 57 years old. I have no signs,symptoms or any pain.
My PSA is 4ng/ml.
DRE result:
enlarged prostate, increased consistency in right lobe.
MRI result:
Slightly enlarged prostate ( 3.5\ 5.6\ 4.9 cm), no nodular gadophilic lesions evident on MRI, with slightly restricted diffusion, in the central lobe, with non-homogeneous, geographic pattern.
VU, seminal vesicles, large vessels, rectal lochia, bony structures, intra- and extrapelvic soft parts without obvious pathological changes.
No notable adenopathy, no intrapelvic ascites fluid.
prostatic hypertrophy PIRADS = 3.
Follow-up MRI is recommended.
My urologist recommend biopsy.
What made me confused is the fact that, although the urologist who consulted me and did DRE found an abnormality in my right lobe, no nodule appears on the MRI results, only a slight restriction of diffusion in the central lobe (lobe which in most cases is correlated with benign prostatic hyperplasia).
I don't know what to do!
Do I need a biopsy ( I would rather not) or is it sufficient, as recommended in the radiologist's conclusion, just follow-up MRI?

Thanks in advance!

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