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Sex after prostate cancer

I am a pelvic floor physical therapist who treats men following a diagnosis of prostate cancer. I often ask this question of my patients and would welcome the responses of this group:
"At what point after the finale of your prostate cancer treatment did you attempt sex, either as a solo or partnered endeavor?"

  1. I am guessing you are looking for responses from men who have had surgery rather than other modes of treatment.

    Guy B. Meredith, moderator.

    1. Yes

    2. Yes

  2. No, I was looking for anyone who finished up radiation or proton therapy as well. Many of my patients undergo radiation and are then hesitant to return to sex thereafter.

    1. Hi Becca, my wife and I attempted sexual intercourse three months after my prostate cancer surgery. My penis was incredibly sensitive to the touch, and it didn’t take long to reach orgasm. However, it was painful at the end, and I leaked a little bit of urine. Over time, the pain and leakage disappeared. I’m now 4-years NED, and although my erections are not as spontaneous, they are almost as good as before. I’m happy to answer any questions. Gogs Gagnon

      1. would love to read your book. Lou

      2. I had to delete your address in your post above as this is your personal information and not for everyone to see. I have copied the information and will send to Gogs. Jill, team

    2. I had 28 sessions of IMRT and 6 months of hormone therapy. I did not pause sexual activity at any time during or after treatment.

      Many men will not attempt sex during hormone treatment as there is no libido, but they really should give it a try with external stimulus (attempting to pleasure their partner works for many) to avoid atrophy. Intercourse does not require libido nor testosterone.

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