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Super anxiety PSA test. All is good.

I had plenty of anxiety going down for today's PSA test. Since end of treatment (28 sessions IMRT, 6 months Lupron) I've had a consistent 0.3 to 0.41.

I also had lingering effects Lupron at almost 2 years. I've been working with an endocrinologist to combat the side effects of extreme emotion, depression, fatigue and questionable libido.

About 3 weeks ago now, the emotions and depression seem to have gone so my bio available testosterone may be increasing.

So the question was whether possible increase in testosterone available to my body (and to cancer) would cause a jump in PSA.

The test today came back at 0.282, the lowest since I ended Lupron injections 20 months ago. Whew!

I'll be writing an article about this interesting journey next month.

Guy B. Meredith, moderator.

  1. Great that your psa is at it lowest since ending Lupron. I look forward to reaching your story about your journey.

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