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TULSA treatment

In June of this year, I found out my PSA was 12.3. I am 63. For some reason, this is the first PSA in my medical record. I had a couple of more PSA tests over the following 3mo which showed another 12.3 and then 12.8. I had a prostate MRI which was one of the worst experiences in my life. That rectal probe felt like a shovel up my rear end. The urologist gave a vague analysis indicating x1 suspicious area with a potential of cancer and another x1 that was inconclusive. They recommended a biopsy with the needles thru the rectum. I said "no thanks" and began looking for alternate biopsy options. I found a German clinic that does transgluteal vs transrectal prostate biopsies as well as the TULSA treatment for prostate cancer. My wife and I flew there. I had a prostate MRI which identified x1 suspicious area in a different location from the US MRI. They performed a transgluteal biopsy. The results came back as 7b (4+3) intermediate risk prostate cancer. Unfortunately, the tumor was located close to my external urinary sphincter and the Doctor would not perform the TULSA treatment on me for fear of causing incontinence. So I am back to looking for other "focal" therapy options. The two leading the race currently are IRE/H-FIRE and Proton Therapy. Unfortunately, IRE/H-FIRE is rather experimental at this point, but would be a much cheaper option than Proton Therapy. I understand Proton Therapy would be difficult to get it approved by insurance due to the high cost. Does anyone have experience with IRE/H-FIRE or Proton Therapy?

  1. Hi I have been away from the site for a while so I apologize that it appears that no one has responded to you recent questions. I can't speak to IRE/H-FIRE, but I underwent proton therapy right about a year ago, 12/2020, and so far it has been very successful. I have had none of the difficult side effects typical of standard PC treatments, and my most recent PSA is down to 1.25, right in line with expectations. If you are interested, I wrote about my path to proton therapy, and also what to expect when receiving the therapy at this site. Look up my bio here and go to the link at the end --

    Cost as you mentioned, and availability (how far is the nearest center?) can be the biggest barriers to selecting proton therapy, but regarding cost, most centers are accepting a wide variety of plans. For example, this is what the Irving site accepts --

    If your plan is accepted by the proton center as mine was, the net out of pocket to you should not be any different from the other possible treatments. Best of luck with your journey, and feel free to contact me directly if you would like to chat further about proton therapy. All the best to you!

    1. Thanks Bobby. I have been off this site for awhile and just posted today my recent experience with Fenbendazole. Strange, I posted a new topic called "Fenbendazole", but cannot find my post when I do a Search.

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