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What is the maximum radiation dose you can receive treating prostate cancer before it significantly increases new cancer risk?

Keep thinking that if you get radiation as first treatment and then mets occur and you have to get more salvage radiation... how much radiation can the body take? When does it get risky?

If you get surgery, you are still not radiated, so you have radiation in your arsenal.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

  1. Surgery first allows you to be treated with radiation (a number of different approaches and types are available) should the cancer return. The reverse sequence is not as easy. Radiation of any type damages tissue. Putting back damaged tissue is very difficult and it apparently has proved to be more difficult and can result in significant leakage issues

    How much radiation can a person take???
    Quick answer is it depends on many factors (body size, cancer stage, type of treatment --- seeds, external beam, proton etc. So it is best to discuss with your MD.

    1. Thank you. What you described is my concern exactly.

  2. I hope my experiences have been of some help to you. Not easy making a decision and at the same time ... it is so easy to go on a never ending search for the perfect answer in an imperfect world 😀

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