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Why is it difficult to go see a doctor early?

Men are less likely to go to the doctor early on when experiencing symptoms. Many men tend to ignore or hide their health issues and avoid the doctor, hoping things will get better over time.

Is this your experience? Do you avoid the doctor? If so, why?

  1. The approach you mention , not running to the doctor for every little thing, worked just fine for just over 70 years. Then I had a fall while doing some drywall work and that opened kind of a floodgate of maladies the worst of which was discovering my Cancer. Now I am playing catchup , going to doctors about every week. I didn't go because I didn't feel I needed to. Glad I have Medicare now.

    1. I think both men and women delay going to the doctor because there's always a fear of what you might find out or what tests may need to be run. Another delay of going to the doctor can be because of the red tape required by both your insurance company and the physician's office. It can be very frustrating. One more reason that comes to mind is the stigma that may come with seeing a doctor for symptoms that may not seem severe or that could possibly go away on their own. And finally, I think many people delay because they hope the symptoms and problem will just go away on their own. I'm sure there are other reasons as well; these are just a few of the reasons I've heard (or personally experienced).

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