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The Power in Community

We have a community of people living with prostate cancer and other folks dealing with it. Our communities are made up of doctors, lawyers, teachers, public service workers just to name a few. We have power in our backyard and want to be a part of that community.

Just ask

Why do we as a community let stuff get in our way? We have so many resources that will alleviate the problems we face every day. I was speaking with a friend who had prostate cancer but couldn’t afford to get his medication. He lived in silence instead of reaching out to his community. Within minutes I found a reliable source that was able to give him medication for a year. Trust me, you don’t have to struggle alone. People need their medication to get healthy again.

There's power in numbers

When we as a community of people dealing with any type of illness, just realize that the more we reach out in the community, the more power we will have living with our disease. There is so much knowledge out there. I know that the reason when we fail to reach out to others is that we feel isolated, depressed, and even helplessness. You don’t want anyone to feel sorry for you. You are not alone; many others are going through the exact same thing at this exact same moment. Reach out to those that could possibly help you or you help them. Help me help you and your days may not be so bad.

Don't give up and reach out

In my research of those being diagnosed with prostate cancer, and just watching my father go through it, I was amazed at the numbers of men who isolate themselves and completely shut down.

  • Community help can be a big outlet
  • We all need a listening ear
  • There is power in numbers and someone may have your answer
  • Sometimes you just need to vent
  • We all need support every now and then

What community offers you in your time of sickness that can be healing to you. Many people who have prostate cancer are alone or they lose loved ones in this journey. Communities can offer you support, a friend, or someone who understands what you are going through.

The online world is there for you

There are online support day and night. Many people are sleepless and maybe can’t rest, go check out what your community offers. This is a place where you can connect day or night. A lot of times we are left in the dark to these available resources. You never have to go through any type of treatment alone.

We can learn from each others

I have spoken to many who are doing radiation treatments tell me they are fearful and have no one to go too. My message and point I am trying to convey to the community of prostate cancer families is that there is help out there; just reach out. If for whatever reason you don't have loved ones, friends, companions, there is a big community awaiting to assist you 24 hours a day.

Our community is so powerful in being an intricate part of our wellness care. It will give you power and confidence in this time of your life. All of us are lifelong learners; we can teach others, but more importantly, we can learn so much from others.

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