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Last updated: August 2021

I was talking to my coworker one day about being part of She shared with me that her husband, whom she had been married to for over a decade, just got diagnosed with PC.

After the normal scare that many couples go through, they both pulled themselves together and decided that he should get a radical prostatectomy, which was suggested by his doctor. Their biggest concern was not that he might lose his ability to get an erection; they were more worried about incontinence.

Running in the family

His father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer a few years back. She kept pushing her husband to get a PSA test. They both knew he had an elevated risk because of his father. After he agreed to get the test, the results were scary: he had a PSA of 9ng/ml, which is considered high.

They scheduled a biopsy, which turned out to be positive. They were petrified because he was only forty-seven. She had to try and be strong for him and didn’t want to scare him. My coworker started collecting as much information as she could from me and the internet.

Choosing a treatment

The information she got believed he should have his prostate removed to try to ensure the cancer may be gone.

Some months later her husband got a radical prostatectomy from a surgeon. The procedure went well, and she took him home after three days. His catheter was removed after two weeks. The good news was that he didn’t have incontinence.

They did not want to go to a radiation oncologist because they had heard horror stories about fecal incontinence and rectal problems. They just wanted surgery, so they could try to completely get rid of the cancer.

Other tests

He still ended up undergoing other treatments. Her husband had to start radiation after several months; it worked, and his PSA was no longer in any trouble. The only problem was that he did not regain his potency, and it really bothered him since his libido was still intact.

They both still have regrets, but they never talked to anyone or consulted a specialist. They did not expect to have sex right away, but if her husband had used PDE-5 inhibitors or sildenafil (Viagra) right after surgery, maybe things would have been different. This was what the doctors told them.

Talking helps

She and her husband talked and discussed what each one of them wanted and what their needs were. Talking has really helped them get through this ordeal.

The only drawback he suffered so far is that he still can’t get an erection, but they don’t mind if he is healthy. They are both praying and hoping for the best.

Helping others

They are both a part of now. But she was more than happy to find out that they were not alone and was glad that I was able to help them along in this journey. I was thrilled that she said I was very knowledgeable about prostate cancer and about how much guidance I gave her.

Thank you for giving me the power and the knowledge to help others!!

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