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Where Are The Prostate Cancer Success Stories? Or Is It All Doom And Gloom?

Prostate cancer is an extremely common form of cancer that occurs in men. Some cancer patients receive inappropriately pessimistic estimates of their life expectancy following diagnosis. This disease affects the whole family and in the fight against it. There are so many that go without the support they need. Prostate cancer does not mean it’s all over with.

The key is catching it in the early stages. This is why we encourage men to get checked early. There are times the only treatment recommended is active surveillance, so get checked.

Prostate cancer is not all doom and gloom

There are so many success stories of celebrities who have suffered from this type of cancer and have often shared their experiences with the public.

I found a few that have talked openly about this to so many. These celebrities had prostate cancer and successfully beat it. This list includes Robert De Niro, Colin Powell, Roger Moore, Ryan O'Neal, Harry Belafonte, and Warren Buffett. Ben Stiller, who was immediately diagnosed with "aggressive" prostate cancer. He had to undergo emergency surgery. Ian McKellen is also on the list of famous actors who were diagnosed with prostate cancer. He even admitted that he didn't care when he heard the news.

There are success stories all around us

There are many success stories on ProstateCancer.net of more and more people living longer thanks to better treatment options. My father got prostate cancer at 72. He is almost 86 and going strong. It's necessary for everyone to have good psychological and professional support from people in their circle. This is not only from the medical team who advise you but family and friends as well. You need to be armed with the right tools to improve your quality of life.

How do you react when someone tells you they have cancer?

When you learn that someone in your life has prostate cancer, it's appropriate to take this news very seriously. If the person is very discouraged, he should be conveyed that the first step is to deal with the disease. There are treatment options that are not horror stories of chemotherapy. The diagnosis of prostate cancer no longer means an end to a life. It is just the beginning.

If prostate cancer returns, it does not have to be the end of the world. With the arsenal of therapies developed and available, diseases have become more treatable. There are many drugs and therapies, such as proton therapy, out there today. Some patients may not reach undetectable, but the disease can remain controllable for many years.

Can we be more hopeful in the future?

Yes, the perception of prostate cancer changes all the time. Twenty years ago, many forms of cancer could be very bad because there were fewer treatment options available for advanced stages.

Nowadays there are more options. Many patients with prostate cancer can have a very good chance of a long and normal life. We need to spread awareness and advocate for a positive outlook. Let's provide the necessary support to people suffering. Remember you are not alone in this journey.

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