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Community Guide to Advanced Prostate Cancer

While there's a lot of things that bring cancer survivors of all stages together, there are some things that alter the experience for advanced stage folks. From fatigue to a shorter prognosis, from family support to cognitive side effects, advanced and metastatic prostate cancer is a little different. Find ways to connect with other folks in the same boat and read their stories:


Fatigue is a frustrating and life-changing side effect for many men living with prostate cancer. It can be especially debilitating for folks having immunotherapy or chemo treatments.

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Brain fog

Brain fog can get in the way of daily life. Many members have mentioned how frustration memory issues can be.

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Prognosis and end of life

With advanced cancer, particularly stage IV, end of life can feel disturbing close. Part of surviving with this diagnosis is learning how to live with your prognosis.

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Managing pain

Pain can be chronic with advanced prostate cancer, especially with bone metastases.

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Clinical trials

Clinical trials can be a treatment option for folks who might not be responding to or happy with their current treatment.

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