My Insight Into My Father’s Prostate Cancer Story

Several years ago, we received the devastating news that my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. When it comes to men’s health; men sometimes don’t like to talk about it or do anything. Why don’t you join us at to support men living happier, healthier, longer lives? You can help make a change in men’s health. I want to help you get an insight into the inspiring journey of my father’s prostate cancer treatment through a major part of his life.

Do you know what prostate cancer is?

Prostate cancer is a kind of cancer occurring in the prostate gland. It’s a small gland present in men that is responsible for producing the seminal fluid while transporting the sperm through it. This is a vital organ in men, that could become painful and uncomfortable sometimes.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers for men all over the world. 60 percent of prostate cancers are diagnosed in men over the age of 65 and prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men in the US. Now do I have your attention?1

Prostate cancer can take more than a physical toll

While prostate cancer is known to take a toll on the patient’s health significantly, it is also known to cause a major impact on the overall lifestyle of the family members at the same time. From the point of diagnosis to treatment procedures; my father having prostate cancer has been difficult for our entire family. We had plenty of factors to consider with my father. First off, he was 72 when he was diagnosed. He had already gone through a bout of throat cancer and has COPD. We had to concentrate on the overall treatment costs, the terms of the treatment, and his recovery being on the top of our list.

Treatment doesn't come cheap

While getting treatment for prostate cancer is one thing, investigating the overall costs of this treatment was astonishing; from the medical expenses of day-to-day bills to just surviving was a big concern. Research cancer experts have estimated that the process of screening as well as treating prostate cancer cases in men above 65 years can cost Medicare around $1.2 billion over a period of 3 years for every group of men diagnosed with the disease every year.2

At the same time, the median costs per patient within three years after a prostate cancer diagnosis was around $14,453. Most of this cost was linked to general treatment costs. Even if a man had a Gleason score below 6 and required no treatment within 12 months of his diagnosis the overall three-year treatment average costs were still expected to be a substantial amount.

Early screening is crucial

There is quite a bit of cost involved with the diagnosis as well as treatment of contained prostate cancer cases among elderly men who are 65 and older. Men, we need to start getting checked earlier so that affordable healthcare services can be given to every patient. We need to help in ensuring major healthcare savings for both the patient and the family members.

Proud of my father's strength

My father gets up every morning at 5 o’clock; fixes his breakfast, gets ready for the day and drives himself to work. He is 85 and going strong with a great attitude about life. I admire him so much because he just goes about his day without a worry in the world.

As a family, we stick together, so he doesn’t have to worry about a thing. There is no cutoff age for PSA testing; so, come on out everyone and get tested; including the young and the old. We’re waiting for you.

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