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How has prostate cancer impacted your relationship?

Has having prostate cancer changed a relationship with loved ones, including family or partners/spouses? Feel free to share ideas for dealing with relationship changes as well.

Community Answers
  • Diane Talbert moderator
    12 months ago

    Couples who deal with the fear and anxiety stemming from a diagnosis of prostate cancer are better able to do so when they work together. Even though some of the intrusive thoughts may be frightening, talking about them and working through them as a couple reinforces the strength of a relationship.

  • Will Jones moderator
    12 months ago

    Prior to my surgery it was easy for me to get distracted, to not be fully present, especially around the house, in communication with my wife. She was good at picking that up and letting me know what she was observing. Since my successful surgery, we have both been focused on my recovery. It’s been a team effort and in some ways our relationship is better than ever.

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