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When I went in for my biopsy, 2/3/2016, I was reasonably sure I had prostate cancer. I had been watching my PSA for three or four years and the numbers were gradually climbing. When my PSA hit 4.6, I had my biopsy. Twelve core samples, 6 were malignant. 3+4=7. MRI stated, highly likely a clinically significant cancer is present. During the years I was waiting to pull the trigger on the biopsy, I was learning everything I could about the cancer.

Taking advantage of new genetic testing

When I got my biopsy results I felt I was educated enough to make a decision. That proved to be true, so far. Despite being told I really need surgery or radiation now, I chose Active Surveillance with Prolaris Genetic testing. Two weeks later the genetic testing came back telling me my risk of dying from my cancer in ten years was 4 percent. My risk of dying from all causes was probably higher than 4%. I was 68 years old at the time. So I stayed on A/S.

Assessing risk with a Decipher biopsy

A year later I had the Decipher biopsy checking on how aggressive my cancer was. Still using the samples from my original biopsy. It came back with a favorable, low risk of mets. My cancer is very slow growing. They provided me with a chart showing, high risk, average risk, and low risk. I was over half way down on the low risk scale. I'm very aware that I have a dangerous cancer. And I won't turn my back on it. Here's the thing. I had an MRI in 2016-17-18. The MRI of 17, showed the prostate going back to within normal range at 27mL. On the 18 MRI it showed the prostate at 21mL. Small/normal. In 2017 the cancer area was smaller by several mm's. On 20 March 18 it was several more mm's smaller then the 17 MRI. Everything that is happening is slow, but positive.

Fusion biopsy: will I stay on A/S?

In late May 18, based on my March MRI, I'm having an fusion biopsy. Which is essentially an MRI guided biopsy. The targeted areas to be biopsied have already been located. And that's what I want and need. If the fusion biopsy doesn't change things I will stay on A/S. If it's not a favorable biopsy, meaning the cancer is progressing, I'll have a decision to make. I have no symptoms to date. I'm in a support group and after seeing the men that are in different stages of the disease, to me A/S is the best option for as long as possible. I do use prayer and a potent CBD oil, and Tumeric. If nothing else, my inflammation gets pounded by all three. And that's a good thing. However, I believe they're slowing the process down a bit. There is no cure, but having a very healthy immune system is a must when you're fighting the fight. I wish you all, the best.

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