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Mark’s Story

I went for my annual physical in 2015. Things were fine. Got my PSA back about two weeks later. I needed to call my Dr. – had a PSA 4.8 (was 3 last year) – scheduled me to meet with a Urologist. He checked me over. Asked how I felt (I had no problems) (oh found out after this and other things, I have a high tolerance to pain). He gave me the Cancer Society handout with all the information and options (very good information).

A friend I worked with had me call his friend that had had the surgery. Told what he went through. FYI for me. Read all the literature. Spent hours on the internet. Researched everything I could. Did a lot of soul-searching. Prayed a lot, a lot. Went to visit my daughter in Orlando and went into the Atlantic ocean and had a talk with God. We be mates (as the Aussie say). Decided we were going to fight this and win. My grandson had Nioplastmona cancer at 5 years old and took over a year and million dollars for him to win, another story. So I left it up to God and the great people at the Kansas City Urology Clinic. Had the radiation route. It was not a bad trip, but I had the best team in Kansas City. Some people drove 2 hours a day one way for the treatments because they are the best team. 43 treatments. I had the two Lupron shots (makes life a living hell, had all the reactions to the meds). But, all came out well. It takes about 2 years from start to finish to get back to normal. Also along the way I got into physical therapy a year after treatments. Really helped. I with God and the best team in Kansas City can say I am 2 years cancer free.

If you have any questions, please free to ask. I am just a normal old guy (now). I worked construction as a communication tech for 40 years. I have had a positive attitude all my life, in spite of things.

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  • jamessnell
    1 year ago

    Hi Mark,
    Mate(im an Aussie living in Atlanta) i did the two hour trip each way to Georgia Radiology for 7 weeks and can not recommend a better team in Georgia. My Wife and i did lots of research as got so many differing suggestions,and finally went with Seed implants followed by Radiation, PSA now down from 7.5 to 0.14 after starting 12 months ago and feel great,EDI still has its issues but im alive ( My wife’s comments) i have always had a positive outlook , kept healthy,and believe that it definitely helps , all the best and take care of yourself, im turning 69 this year so a young guy !

  • theduke55
    1 year ago

    Mark, thanks for sharing your story. Which type of radiation treatment did you decide on and why? I am getting closer to decision time myself

  • Deemusicman
    1 year ago

    Thanks for the share ,God bless I’m starting my journey but know God will always be there as well as my beautiful family and friends .God bless you

  • JoeMurphy
    1 year ago

    Nice to here your story. I like positive ones . Hope you have a great night

  • Katy1 author
    1 year ago

    Thank you. You have to be positive. Some one else is always worse.Some of stories are horrible. Mine was not near as bad a case as most.God Bless and keep going.”Life is good, not always fair”

  • JoeMurphy
    1 year ago

    Have a great weekend

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