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Metastatic Prostate Cancer

My journey with PC began at 53 in 2010

I went to the ER with a self diagnosed Deep Vein Thrombosis to find out that I also had Pulmonary Embolism. After being admitted, testing began and revealed a PSA of 256. After numerous tests, CT, bone scan and biopsy confirmed PC and had spread to pelvic lymph nodes. During those 6 days my PSA had risen to 271. Final diagnosis was Stage 4 MPC, Gleason was 8. At this point I opted for a bi-lateral orchiectomy as I believed this was the best course of action. I was sent home with Warfarin, Flomax and Calcium/D3. After 30 days my PSA was .5 with this form of ADT.

The tumor on the prostate had shrunk

The tumor on the prostate had shrunk by 50% and the tumors on lymph nodes seemed to be stopped from spreading until 05/2017 when many old symptoms (fatigue, frequency, urgency and mild incontinence) had returned. The PSA had risen to 9 and we were back to testing and determining the next course of action. Over the next 90 days the PSA was continually rising to 18.4 then 29, 31 and at 37 we decided that radiation was the best course of action. We started Proton Radiation Therapy in mid Nov of 2017 for 20 treatments 5 days a week for 4 weeks. Radiation came with side effects, mostly terrible pain (intense burning while urinating caused by inflammation of the urethra) and fatigue. After some success with radiation, prostate tumor shrinkage 40% and a PSA reduction to 19.4, we decided that it was good but far short of our goal.

We began chemotherapy

In August we began two types of chemotherapy: 1000mg of Abiraterone Acetate with 10mg of Prednisone (approved by the FDA in July 2018) and also a clinical trial drug called Ipatasertib 200mg or placebo daily. Our success with chemotherapy has been very good as the PSA is now 2.7 and urinating is more normal now. All of my blood work, CT scans and nuclear bone scans have revealed no new sights of spreading to date. My team, my family and I have all experienced some trauma, anxiety, and heartbreak at the hand of cancer but remain hopeful that day will come when my team at the cancer center says they cannot find any cancer cells. I am scheduled for CT with contrast for chest and pelvis also a bone scan on the 26th of Nov. we will know more then.

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  • CharlesGriffith author
    11 months ago

    Testing on the 26th went very well. Bone scan reveals no cancer cells. All blood work was normal with exception of high potassium level 5.4 that can cause heart arrhythmia. CT scan of chest revealed new spot on lung which we will watch closely for change in size.

  • Richard Faust moderator
    11 months ago

    Hi Charles. Hope the tests on the 26th went well. No matter what is next, I’m sure that positive attitude will keep you in good stead. Wishing you the best. Richard ( Team)

  • Diane Talbert moderator
    11 months ago

    You have had quite a journey Charles. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I see you have a great support system. I think that is so important. Please let us know what happens on the 26th. We are here for you. Thanks for being such a great advocate for this disease.

    Thank you,

    Diane, Prostate Cancer, Moderator

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