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I Never Expected It

I had an annual physical in March of 2017. After checking out fine, the doctor and I went over my blood work. My PSA was 4.1. I was shocked as was my GP. We talked about it for a bit and he wrote an order for another PSA in one month. My April reading was 3.3. Better, but I was concerned about the up and down reading. I went in to talk to my GP and he decided to order a transrectal ultrasound because he could not feel anything after a digital exam.

The day after the TRUS, he called me to tell me they found a small tumor and asked what urologist I wanted to see. I saw the urologist about a week later. He told me the tumor was only 5mm in diameter. But after staring at the report and the pictures he said he wanted an MRI. After fighting the insurance company, I finally had the MRI in late May. That showed the tumor was actually 3 cm in diameter. He then ordered a CAT scan with and without contrast to see if the cancer had spread to lymph nodes and other areas. Everything was clear. The urologist did a biopsy in June and hit cancer 5 out 13 sticks.

Because the cancer was found to be very aggressive, surgery was the only option and I wanted it done ASAP. Since my urologist no longer did the DeVinci robotic surgery, he referred me to another urologist. He agreed that surgery was the only way to go. I had my surgery on September 19, 2017. I recovered very quickly. No cancer was found in lymph nodes, seminal vesicles, or other areas that were taken for testing. I have had two PSA’s since the surgery and they were both good. < 0.01 insignificant. I feel very fortunate that the cancer was caught early.


My suggestion to anyone with any symptoms or suspicions of having prostate cancer to pursue all the testing possible and your options. Talk to your doctors. If you’re not happy with what they say, get a second opinion.

Because of where the tumor was located, I was not able to have the nerve sparing surgery. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to have sex again, even though I was prescribed a pump. I guess that that’s the thing that depresses me most. But I guess I have to look at it as, I still have a cancer free life. BTW, do those kegel exercises after they remove the catheter. They really help with bladder control. It’s been almost 6 months and coughing, sneezing, and lifting are about the only things that cause a dribble. Just be patient. Some guys recover very quickly and others take longer. Just remember, it will get better little by little..

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  • JoeMurphy
    2 years ago

    Glad to here your doing well. Thank goodness for that. Have great day

  • Dejected68 author
    1 year ago

    Thank you, Joe. Still doing fine except no sex anymore.

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