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Last updated: April 2020

Over the last few years I noticed my urine flow become increasingly slower, more urgent while feeling complete fullness in my bladder. In the past year my PSA level kept rising but nothing my primary was concerned about. From October of last year to April of this year my PSA doubled.

One urologist's opinion

It became apparent I needed to seek a urologist opinion. After having a prostate biopsy, I was diagnosed with T1c prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 6. My urologist indicated that my cancer was small and I should not worry about it and stressed Active Surveillance or have my prostate removed.

Complications in treatment choice

Those were the only two options given because, I am told, my prostate is double in size and it would be difficult to have any other procedures. I also complicate other diagnostic tests like MRI due to a spinal fusion 30 years ago leaving metal wiring in my lower back.

Second opinion

I am currently on Active Surveillance and scheduled to have another prostate biopsy end of October with my second opinion urologist from U of M. This biopsy will be the perinatal type with more specimens being taken to determine if my cancer is bigger than what my local urologist determined.

Gene testing

I am also considering having my specimens submitted for genetic testing to determine the growth, spreading and long term effect of my cancer. While I am scared of the long term affect of this disease, I joke to ease the pain.

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