Get Checked Early and Ask About High PSA Numbers!

Hi, my name is Tim, moved down to Florida 4 years ago. When up in Connecticut, my PSA numbers were always very high 20/24, but they never told me I needed a biopsy, nor, what the PSA # meant.

Asking about high PSA

Even coming down to Florida, after trying to find a good doctor - and dentist (it took a while and went through a few!). My wife actually had to ASK why these "PSA" numbers were so high for so many years and no doctor seemed to care.

A doctor DID finally have me get a biopsy - this is 6-7 years later... So glad my wife asked this question. Now I have been on hormone therapy for the past 6 months and a total of 18 months in all for this, and had my 9 1/2 weeks of radiation a few months back.

Tell everyone to get their PSA checked

Tell all your friends 40 and up - to get their PSA #s checked - and ask and question your doctor. This is a silent disease, just like kidney disease.

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