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Floyd Elvis Estep Sept. 22, 1939 to Jan. 25, 2018 Ranger, West Virginia

  • By coachdestep

    My father, Floyd Elvis Estep suffered from the same cancer that I have, Advanced Prostate Cancer with Extensive Bone Metastasis Stage 4, Dia. 2…he battled it bravely for 11 1/2 years…he was in severe bone pain and his mind was really falling off toward the end…he looked like a skeleton with skin wrapped around it at the end…he slipped away to be with The Lord in his own bed in his own home in January…he won his battle and went to be with The Lord Jesus Christ…he took to his bed in mid-October 2017 and never made it out…I think of him everyday, I still talk to him everyday in my battle with this terrible disease…he was so strong and brave!!!!

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  • By ninaw Keymaster

    @coachdestep, I wonder what it is like to be walking his shoes in this way. It sounds like he fought hard for quite a long time despite the pain. I understand somewhat from watching loved ones pass away what it’s like to see this visible fading of life, and you describe it powerfully as a skeleton with nothing but skin. I particularly love the way you say he won his battle. What a comfort to be able to feel the connection with him still and draw support from him as you face this. I’m sure he’s proud of the way you’re living and sharing his strength. Thinking of you and grateful for this memory. – Nina, Team

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