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Recovery After Treatment

  • By ninaw Keymaster

    Share your tips, tricks, questions and progress about recovery after treatment for prostate cancer. Have you tried Kegels? Diet changes? Other exercise? Let us know below!

  • By Sam Collins

    Hello all, I have a question! Has anyone that has had stage4 advanced prostate cancer for many years. 13 1/2 years for me, had their PSA go to 0 for a year? Mine went to my lymph nodes and then to my bones ( base of my skull ). After radiation to my skull and a follow-up with true beam radiation. It started dropping and went to 0 and. Has stayed there for a year. I also had a clean bonescan. My doctor said that he has never seen that before. At the clinic they are calling it a miracle. I of course know that it is possible that some cancer cells may come back. Will continue to watch it for the rest of my life. Thanks Sam