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74 yr old with PSA of 7.4 on fenofibrate

I am wondering what to expect at a meeting with my urologist. Especially since my son, a first year medical resident, and my sister, a retired physician's assistant, are avoiding explaining anything to me. I am 74 years old. In the past 3 years my PSA went from 2.6 to 7.4. My uroloigist says the PSA score has to be doubled on account I take finasteride. If that is done, my PSA of 5.2 increased to 15.4. Using those numbers, I believe my medicinally adjusted PSA Velocity is around a 3.0 ng/mL/yr. I think that means to consider my PSA to be 15.4. A Cystocopy and an abdominal CT haven't shown anything of any note. I know that I have had BHP for at least 6 years.
The urology department called and scheduled a televisit in a couple of weeks with my urologist? What might I expect to hear?

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