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Anyone else dealing with weak urine flow?

8 weeks after removal my urine flow is weak, is this normal?

  1. Hi popduker. As this article on urinary symptoms related to prostate cancer discusses, weak urine stream can be associated with prostate cancer treatment (as well as symptom before treatment): This fact sheet goes into more detail on urinary problems that can occur after treatment: Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. My stream is very weak, and I'm up at least twice a night. Took my nineteen year old grandson to lunch the other day and we both went to the restroom. I had to wait for awhile before I got started with my weak stream while my grandson is boring a hole in the DAMN PORCILAN! OH TO BE YOUNG AGAIN!!

      1. Hi that is normal initially because the bladder capacity is dimished initially. This can occur due to several reasons . If one decreases the consumption of fluids then the stream tends to be weaker. Also many patients void urine frequently to prevent leakage of urine or because they are afraid that they may not be able to hold the urine long enough to get to a bathroom The bladder needs to be retrained to decrease frequency and urgency.

        1. Hi Vanita, thank you for providing your perspective! I'm curious if you've tried any of these, popduker? This description reminds me of this article on bladder training: As the article states, you should always check in with your doc before starting a plan! - Nina, Team

      2. After my prostatectomy, I experienced a week flow and it gradually got weaker, sometimes mid pee. It would never get stronger. I thought it was clots and they would rid themselves but that wasn't the case. I notified my surgeon of this and I was scheduled for a cystoscopy. I never made it that far and just stopped at urinating. A trip to the emergency room, a sonogram revealing my bladder was full, bladder spasms and attempts with 2 different catheters. The catheters would not go in. On -call urologist happened to be my surgeon, yay. I ended up having a construction of scar tissue in the bladder outlet and bladder stones blocking the urine. I now have to catheterize myself once per day to keep things open. How long, no one can tell. Everyone heals differently. Although I Cath myself daily, my stream is still sort of weak and I have to push to expel urine at a normal stream. This may be my new normal. I see my urologist in January and will bring this to their attention.

        1. Hi Oriole00. Sorry you have had all these complications with the urinary blockage. It is great that you have an appointment with your urologist coming up, but have you had a chance to notify the doctor about this new issue? Hoping you get some answers and relief soon. Best, Richard ( Team)

        2. Richard, not yet. It is not really a "problem", as I can still urinate. It is just something I have noticed recently and I will bring it to the urologist's attention.
          Thank you for your reply.
          Best regards.

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