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Brachytherapy side effects and experiences?

I plan on brachytherapy in January 2019, just you like to hear from other who have had seeds and their experiences with them. How are the side effects such as incontinence and ED and any other problems I should be aware of. Thanks so much for this community.

  1. Hi rockycan. Glad you are seeking information. Hopefully others will chime in with their experiences with seed therapy. This article from editorial team looks at radiation therapy, including the seeds: If you like, feel free to keep us posted on how you are doing. Best, Richard ( Team)

    1. Hi Rockycan,How come you are waiting so long?
      I had seeds and radiation last year and then 35 days of radiation.
      I took pills to keep me urinating after wards and still take two per day now, i have had regular PSA tests and have gone from 7.5 to 0.014 and still declining,i highly recommend this procedure after investigating all others. Dont know how old you are but yes ED does happen and i have needed help,mind you im 68.Pills didn't work but now am on injections, second level and my sex life is back to waht it was 20 years ago.Good luck and as i say highly recommend this procedure,all cause ED mate !

      1. Jim, great to hear from you. I'm glad you're satisfied with your treatment choices - for the cancer and the ED. While we can't guarantee that others will react the same way to treatment, it's good to know that there are hopeful, successful stories. If you ever want to comment further on ED treatment experiences, we do have a question about that here: Thanks for your input! - Nina, Team

      2. Thanks Jim for the information. I’m 68 & in reasonable shape and health. Update: I’m having the seeds done in late October. The reasons waiting is I have a river cruise planned in early October. Also, my Gleason score was 6, PSA was 3.8 and the cancer is 10% in one area. My doctor said I could wait till October or even do active surveillance if I wanted to. But I do want it taken care of, not wait and watch. Again thanks for the reply and information.

    2. I have not met too many men in our education and support group (about 40 men) who have had seed therapy and would look forward to hearing more about how things went for you.

      Most of the guys in our group have had surgery or radiation or the combination of Lupron and radiation. We do get the occasional visitor who has been diagnosed and who comes to us seeking a layman's opinion prior to discussing it further with his MD or family members.

      Most often the Gleason 6 guys are treated with active surveillance and watched carefully to see if there are any changes.

      I do hope you do an update and that you are also doing well. ... Dennis( Team)

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