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What are options for dealing with ED?

Have you tried any treatments or therapies that help with erectile dysfunction? How long did you struggle with it?

  1. I haven’t tried anything! We have excepted the fact that I can’t get erection. I love to snuggle. I am happy do what my wife needs🎉 . She is my life. I don’t need sex I need life and to work . We are happy 😃 and I love her .

    1. Great point, Joe! There might not always be a physical fix the problem. You might be able to change your approach and attitude, and find joy in a new situation. - Nina, Team

  2. Thank you for your positive thoughts . Enjoy your day .

    1. I’m not being able to get an erection had 42 radiation treatments 2 yrs ago would like some quality of life for my wife and me

      1. Sorry to hear that. 44 radiation and med . I have sexual feelings at all . But I try to do the best I can do to keep my wife happy . I will pray for you hope all goes well have a good day

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