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What is getting and having a catheter like?

Have you been through a catheter experience? What was the worst part?

  1. Yes three times this year. Not bad some discomfort . Then then die to have my tattoos for my radiation treatment . That Hurt and some blood . And a scope to look at my Blatter . A little blood infection

    1. Bladder

      1. Are you talking about after a prostatectomy? If so, I was very glad too get it taken out. Luckily you get it out in about a week. I would rather be incontinent for a while than too have
        the catheter. The urine reservoir is not too bad. Keep in clean. Follow the doctors instructions.

        1. Yes hooefullyvonly a week ,then taking it out, thanks for the reply it's comforting with you guys to talk ,,,but God and I talk a lot too,blessings

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