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How do you deal with chronic pain?

  1. I see a palliative doctor, who in my case also happens to be my oncologist. I have a prescription for pain medicine. I also get a cortisone epidural injection in the bottom of my spine every three months. And for peripheral neuropathy I take Gabapentin and Cymbalta. The biggie for me was getting palliative. Everything else started from there. I also started meditating.

    1. Sharing a few comments from our Facebook page:

      "My med oncologist told me from the start that he would direct me to pallitive care where "quality of life" meds would be prescribed.
      My team has been great so far.... I've had to tell them to wait on moving to the heavier pain meds. They also help direct me toward other specialists...this week digestion is also being addressed.
      Strange how some meds help your cancer but play hell on other parts of the body..."

      "I rely on breathing mostly. VA refuses any narco pain relief.After years of war, they need us old guys to die off to serve the next crew if kids..."

      "The first day I met my oncologist the one thing he told me was there is no need of you being in pain. We will make sure that doesn’t happen. He’s been true to his word. 🙏🙏"

      1. Doug ... I am sorry to hear that you are in pain. It can be very wearing. Last year I was part of a panel discussion discussing pain and prostate cancer. One of the issues that came up time and time again was that men typically do not want to discuss pain with their medical providers.

        Some reported that they just thought pain was part of the aging process and figured they just needed to bare it.

        Open communication regarding pain is really helpful and it sounds like you certainly have that with your medical team.

        I also do a lot of meditation - and agree it helps a lot ... Dennis (prostate Moderator

        1. Do hope all is well in your world and just know many are here to support you. Dennis ( TEAM)

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