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Diagnosis and Treatment

Hello everyone. I am from Manila, Philippines and was diagnosed with prostate cancer last February 28, 2023. My story started during my annual physical examinations last January when my PSA hit 5.15. My doctor recommended that I see my urologist asap and after undergoing MRI, biopsy and PET scan, it was confirmed that I have a 3+4 cancer contained in my prostate. Following several consultations with other doctors, I have decided to go for radiation treatment (IMRT/VMAT) alongside with hormone therapy. I just could not tolerate the risks involved with surgery. I finished yesterday my treatment planning scans and should start with my 26 radiation sessions around two weeks from now.

While I have full confidence on my urologist and radiation oncologist for a full recovery, my issue at the moment is purely mental. I am still in utter disbelief that I have this medical condition. I will have some counseling too starting this week.

Despite how I am feeling at the moment, by discovering this wonderful site, I just realized that I am not alone. The learnings and camaraderie here are priceless. I will continue to post my progress on this site and maybe provide some insights to others who are in same boat with me. Thanks.

  1. I am 54 years old, by the way.

    1. Hi . Glad you have found the site helpful so far. Also, glad your cancer was found at an early stage with a low Gleason score. Know that plenty of men here have been where you are and are now doing well. I want to share with you this Survivor's Guide to Radiation page put together by our editorial team which shares some of the top articles on the subject: Please feel free to keep us posted and ask questions. Best, Richard ( Team)

  2. I just thought I'd post some updates regarding my treatment. I am now on my 13th radiation session out of the 26 scheduled sessions, so halfway there. The combined side effects of radiation and hormone therapy I've been experiencing so far are hot flushes, fatigue and frequent and sometimes painful urination, to which my doctors prescribed some medicines. Despite the fatigue, am still playing singles tennis to be fit 2 times per week, down from 4 times per week prior to start of my treatment. I just have to listen to my body when fatigue sets in. I took a medical leave from my office so I can just totally focus on my treatment. And while counseling helps, there are still times that I get sad and ask why the hell do I have this medical condition.

    While I am nearing the finish line, I just hope that no other side effects will kick in. Am exhausted but need to endure this and soldier on.

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