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Do you have experience with SpaceOAR Hydrogel?

SpaceOAR Hydrogel is a Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) based hydrogel that is designed to help reduce the radiation dose delivered to the rectum during prostate cancer radiation treatments. Radiation is a common treatment option for prostate cancer and SpaceOAR is meant to limit the side effects experienced by the treatment.

Do you or a loved one have experience with SpaceOAR Hydrogel?

  1. I am 79 yr old diagnosed Oct 2021 with prostate cancer after a 4.26 PSI. My first urologist advised that her recommendation was for external radiation and hormone therapy. Since I preferred to have robot assisted prostatectomy, I changed to a different urologist with experience with the robot. First thing he did was to order an MRI which showed cancer on the left side of the prostate in the neural vascular bundle and a seminal vesical. Under those circumstances my diagnosis moved me into the high risk category. He recommended radiation and hormone therapy. He also suggested that I have SpaceOAR and fiducial marker placement which was done in my local hospital under anesthesia March 11, 2022. Started Lupron December 21, 2021. Had 44 IMRT treatments 3/29/2022 to 5/27/2022. Review by the oncologist in September 2022 found PSA <.06 and testosterone <7. No long term radiation damage found to date. Plan to stay on Lupron for 1.5 yrs. Will have last shot April 5, 2023. I am very happy with the outcome. SpaceOAR and fiducial marker placement was a non event for me and I would do it again at the drop of a hat.

    1. I had the SpaceOAR and fiducial markers injected prior to my radiation treatment earlier this year. According to my radiation oncologist, the use of the SpaceOAR drops any side effects of the radiation exposure on the rectum/ intestines to less than <1%. I would compare the SpaceOAR injection as being comparable to when I had my biopsy done. You are heavily sedated (put under) so you would need a ride home.

      1. When I had mine done it was with no sedation! I'm still a bit angry about it. I would recommend anyone getting this spacer to make sure their clinic offers sedation--and if not, find another one!

    2. I had the Space OAR and markers about 3 weeks before my radiation treatments began. I was very nervous about spreading my legs wide open for what can only be imagined as an example of middle-ages type torture! Good News! It was relatively painless and actually rapid. I arrived under the influence of 1mg of Xanax, which I highly recommend! It dulled all the edges of reality just enough to have me willing to 'let it all hang out' so to speak. After a shot of novocaine which I barely even felt, there was a 5 minute wait until I was numb, and then the procedure was swift and for the most part painless. I was aware that something was going on, but I didn't really care. 😀) I am thankful for the protection the procedure offered during my radiation treatments. The radiologist showed me where it was inserted on my subsequent X-ray before treatment started and it will definitely protect against rectal irritation and other nasty side effects that you really don't want! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

      1. Wish they would have given me the Xanax or something! I got some kind of med, the effects of which I never felt. The procedure was very painful and I would never agree to it again if a clinic would not put me under.

    3. Well, there are skilled professionals and then there are those who are still practicing!

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